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No filters attached. LehLah believes in ‘Real People’ styling ‘Real People’.
Flaunt your unique style by creating an army of your followers who love you and your style! AND get the chance to earn money if someone buys a product you have tagged!
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A hub for creativity, it offers you the chance to grow your followers on social media, network with other creators, and get noticed by multinational brands- meaning big money and even bigger opportunities.
A LehLah Style Icon can influence and inspire users by their distinguished style and can also earn a certain commission with every purchase made through the tagged products on their post.

  1. Fill up a simple form and leave us some of your social media links
  2. This can be instagram profiles, websites, pinterest boards, etc!
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  4. Once you are approved, your profile will become public- people can find you on our discovery page, search for you, and therefore you can earn more money on LehLah!

An icon will earn every time another user purchases a product through the icon’s post. Icons will be able to check their earnings on the app (click on Profile> Settings> Earnings), as well as get insights into their performance, click through rate, and products sold.

An Icon can check their earnings on the app (click on Profile> Settings> Earnings). They will also be able to see their top performing products and posts, click through rate, and products sold.

If you want to withdraw your earnings, click on the "Can Withdraw" box. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and hit “Withdraw”. Earnings can be withdrawn only 90 days after a sale is made. This is to account for a situation where products are returned / refunded
An important point to note here are that the minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 500/-
You Style it! We flaunt it!
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